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Ian 'EzJedi' O'Neill
Artist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
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Gimme Your Opinions! Oh, And Hi.

Mon Feb 8, 2016, 4:53 AM

First of all, sorry I've not been around too much or posting of late. I've had a lot on my plate recently and have been working on finally getting a personal portfolio site/portal/hub where I can show my stuff, link to a store to sell merch, etc etc. Suffice to say, it's been a slow and painful process that's reminded me of everything I used to love (and hate in equal measure) about web development! It's been a serious time hog to be honest, thus I've not finished things I was working on (like my unfinished Rick & Morty fan art print) and done much more than a little sketching here and there. That's going to be changing pretty soon though, and I'll be back to posting most days on Instagram (follow me: and hopefully getting more finished work uploaded here on DA. I have projects personal side projects afoot that I'm excited about finally, which leads me neatly to my next point...

I want your opinions and feedback dudes and dudettes, specifically those of you who play the vidjagames, even more specifically those of you who're lifelong gamers like me (read: old). Indulge me if you will; as many of you have probably noticed, I like to blow off steam from work work by doing character busts/headshots. I also try to draw daily (whenever possible). Most of this never gets seen (although you can see some examples I've posted as status updates here on DA in the absence of more finished quality pieces). I'm planning to turn those daily/regular headshots into some little collections which I'll then make available as little sketchzines in my store. They'll be cheap and available as a digital download firstly, but I'm hoping to also make some physical copies available in the long run (I may even offer some kind of personalised sketch on the inside cover or something, we'll see).

I've got several themes I'd like to explore. Although it's not something I talk about here on DA much, I also like to play video games in my (now albeit limited) spare time and always have, right back to the beginning times of Spectrum ZX48k and Commodore 64. So as it's close to my heart, I thought I'd make the first one based on Videogame Heroes & Villains. Now there some obvious ones that I'm already going to include on the shortlist, but I'd like to know your favourite videogame goodie & baddie*! (*Braces for 1.5 responses* Stare ) I need to make a shortlist of maybe 25-30 characters, so any suggestions will help broaden the pool of experience!  Each character will be represented as a headshot or bust drawn in my style, unless it makes more sense to draw more of them (Dizzy the egg springs to mind), but I'll decide on that as I approach each one.

*This collection will not include fighting game characters, whether arena/stage 1v1 like StreetFighter or Virtua Fighter, or side scrollers like Streets of Rage, as I'm probably going to do a separate collection for those down the road. I'd also exclude tie-ins, like Batman or other existing IP characters that happen to have also featured in games. But all other genres are on the table.:thumbsup:

The idea of this is to give me a list to work from whenever I get the spare time to do a character headshot, that will, in time, create something tangible for me to look back on with some degree of half-hearted self-loathing pride. Plus I think these would make really nice little digestible and affordable sketch collections, as opposed to a bigger sketchbook that would cost more to print and retail. This is alongside a grander master plan I've laid out for myself to try and further my artistic aspirations, so expect more from me in the next 12 months. Or I'll expect to wallow in shame in a year's time and you can all come and remind me of my failures while I cry in a corner, rocking...Sweating a little... 

Please take a moment and leave me your suggestions in the comments! I know having to hit keys or the screen to formulate an actual response is sooo 2000's; plus you've all got better stuff to do, I'm sure... but I could really use the help to formulate a meaningful and broadly appealing roster on this! Plus really, it's almost like taking art requests, and people really seem to like those here on DA. So... Ya know.... Go nuts.:shrug:

Stay frosty troopers! Or something. Peace!:peace:

A sketch of how I imagine a Jared Leto x Cesar Romero Joker would look... This what I do when I'm supposed to be doing other things. J O K E R by EzJedi#distraction #joker #dc
The Little Mermaid's Ariel by EzJedi
The Little Mermaid's Ariel
🎶Un-der the sea, ((under the sea)),
Under the sea, ((under the sea)),
Things are much better
When they are wetter,
Take it from me!

...and so on...

Sorry, I have these odd moments where I must spontaneously make people sing Disney themes. Old head injury. Maybe.:D

Just done for funsies yesterday (as you would already have seen if you followed me on Instagram...hint hint).

Ariel ©Disney. Art by Ian 'EzJedi' O'Neill. Please do not use without permission!
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spooky mulder by EzJedi(yes, I'm looking forward to new X Files for my Mulder x Skully fix 😍)
#xfiles #foxmulder #spooky #hashtag #hashtaghashtag #it'stheweekendgohavethefun #that'snothowhashtagsworkian 😁


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