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Ian 'EzJedi' O'Neill
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United Kingdom
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Olaf!!! by EzJedi
Who doesn't love Olaf? Another icon. This one's unclaimed currently so I'm just gonna use it as another example for now, but If anyone wants to own this guy just drop me a line. For the stoopid cheap price of $12/£8, you get this full size image and a 300px version for use as a profile pic/avatar/thingymabob on all the social medias! In the meantime, Olaf and I will be CHILLIN'...Oooooh yeah, one for the pun fans out there. Myyyy punsters.:D:D:D

Sorry to keep banging on, but I'm currently offering custom icons just like this at a bargain price! If you're interested, help me eat Waitrose Turkey this Christmas and check out the link! >>> Open for Icon Commissions - Limited Offer ONLY $12

Frozen & Olaf ©Disney. Art by Ian 'EzJedi' O'Neill. Please do not use without permission!

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Halo Icon Centurion Commission by EzJedi
Halo Icon Centurion Commission
Another cool Halo Spartan icon. This time for TheHaloGuy of his cool Centurion variant! Told you there'd be more colour in my gallery soon, didn't I?:D

Details are over here if you'd like to get a bargain icon from me similar to this: Open for Icon Commissions - Limited Offer ONLY $12

All done in Sketchbook Pro again, with great pleasure!

Halo 5: Guardians ©343 Industries & Microsoft. Art by Ian 'EzJedi' O'Neill. Please do not use without permission!

Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram | Society6

Custom Icon Commissions

We the Few... by EzJediOlaf!!! by EzJediHalo Icon Centurion Commission by EzJedi

I'm going to be offering icon commissions for use as avatar/user icons on DA and other social media profiles in the run up to Xmas to help deal with the ever growing costs of a family Christmas! Each one will include a 300px full colour jpeg and a large scale version (approx 3000px square) signed by me! I'll be offering 2 minor revisions (things like the shape of a mouth or piece of armour for example) at the sketch stage, and the clean sketch will then be used for the final coloured artwork. These icons will not be inked, rather just cleanly(ish) sketched as seen in the examples above.
Edit: I'm adding some ideas here, as it isn't just Spartans I'm offering! I'll do popular characters from Disney, classic cartoons (please somebody ask for a Jetson or Yogi), Pokemon, videogames, comics and more! Just ask!

  • Only $12 / £8 per commission
  • Fanart or existing OC's only please (OC's must have refs)
  • Random original requests will be considered (i.e. happy snowman, evil raccoon...whatever insanity you can concoct :shrug:)
  • Limited detail designs (for maximum readability) & no 'selfie me as a cartoon' requests

Halo 5: Guardians Spartan icons

I'm offering Halo fans the chance to immortalise their Spartan design as a user icon! As a big fan of Halo myself, I understand the appeal of having your custom Spartan as your profile pic. As you can see, I have one myself!

The same info applies as with the regular icon commissions, but with with a Halo fan flavour. Just tell me the name of the armor set the helmet belongs to in Halo 5: Guardians* and I'll find the reference. Please also provide the colour choices (you can use the limited colour sets from the game, or provide 2 reference colours or hex codes). Alternatively if you want a custom design for a little extra, please provide some brief description (such as the base armour set you want a variant of) or I will just create something original from imagination.

  • Only $12 / £8 per commission
  • Custom designs cost an extra $4
  • Please provide the name of the armour set
  • Please include primary and secondary colour choices (either from the in game colours or hex codes)

Payment in full is required before I start through PayPal. Please appreciate I'll work on these alongside my normal day to day work in my spare time, so please allow 3 days for delivery from the point of starting work on your commission (although it is quite possible it'll be done faster, but I don't like to let people down by making optimistic promises!). I will only offer refunds in the unlikely event of me being somehow unable to complete your commission. 

You can use the icon and full size image as you wish; I simply ask it not be used to make profit or that you claim credit for it's design and creation. 

  • Payment in advance through PayPal 
  • 2 minor sketch revisions will be offered
  • I reserve the right to reject any commission request I feel uncomfortable with

Drop me a note if you're interested, or email me at ianezjedioneill(at) (obviously replace (at) with @) and I'll get back to you within 24 hours (in case of time zone differences or because I'm having a nap).:D

I'll be running this until around the 15th December, dependant on my time restraints and popularity. If there's anything I haven't covered, feel free to drop me a line and be a smartass!:thumbsup:

I'm also open for larger, general commission enquiries. Feel free to get in touch if there's something you've got in mind!

Stay chilled peeps! Not a problem here in the UK, where the mercury has just plummeted...⛄️

*Halo 5: Guardians is © 343 Industries & Microsoft

We the Few... by EzJedi
We the Few...
I'm back (and with a snappy title too, eh?). Been digging' Halo 5 a lot, especially the variety of armour and helmet designs 343 put in there. Thought it'd be fun to design my own variant and it kinda worked out, so I'm using it as my new avatar/user icon/thingymabob. Also I completed all of this in good ol' Sketchbook Pro. Like the welcome embrace of an old friend, I've missed the straightforward nature of working in SBP.

As for my absence, well let's just say I'm glad to be arting again. Been some testing times of late, but hopefully things are on the up now. All I wanna do is try to pick up the momentum I had before things went deeply south and lose myself in progressing with my art. I'm going to make a concerted effort to add more colour to my gallery here too, as it's a touch on the monotone side; and who doesn't want more colour in their life?! :D

It anybody else would like a custom avatar/user icon/thingymabob gimme a holler. $12 through Paypal and I'll make you one pronto! Then just maybe I won't have to pimp out my body to buy xmas gifts with. Maybe. Who am I kidding, it wouldn't be the holidays without some late night street walking! ;)

Halo 5: Guardians 
©343 Industries. Art by Ian 'EzJedi' O'Neill. Please do not use without permission!
Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram | Society6
I'm still alive! And drawing for the first time in a while, as you can see by these here Spartan helmet designs I'm working on. May offer these custom helmets as little avatar commissions...hmmm🤔Untitled by EzJedi


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Dyel75 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
PartyPartyHAPPY BIRTHDAY,MAN!!!PartyPartyHave your cake and eat it too
I Hope You Have a Very Nice Day!!!:wave:
Best Wishes And Greetings From Brazil!!:handshake:

EzJedi Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2015   Digital Artist

Hehe, you're too kind! And yes, I've had a lovely day thank you. I'll even raise a glass to you! :beer:
Nice stuff any advice to get better ? thanks will be a watcher!
EzJedi Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015   Digital Artist
Hmmm, probably the same old things you've heard before, but I'll say them again anyway as you asked! Draw, draw and draw some more. That's the number one way to improve. If you're super serious about getting good at arting, then try to find consistency by drawing daily, even if it's just a doodle. I'm really bad at this...and therefore a massive hypocrite. Sweating a little... 

Also it's helpful if you can be honest with yourself about what you're weak points are. I learned a lot about self-evaluation early on. If you can recognise the areas you need to strengthen you can do focused studies. For example, I must've spent a hundred man hours studying hands, first copying images from anatomy books, then just repeatedly making up poses and drawing them from scratch. It's boring as hell, but if you do anything for long enough, you're going to get better at it. Admittedly I still suck at hands, so again with the hypocrisy... Waaaah! 

If you're starting from scratch and don't know where to begin, I'd say start learning anatomy first, as human figures obviously play a dominant role in a lot of art. Good books to pick up are Bridgeman's Drawing from Life and Dynamic Anatomy by Burne Hogarth. Pretty sure there's some good stuff by Andrew Loomis out there too,  although I haven't used them myself. 

The next most important thing to focus on in my opinion is perspective, as once you learn the underlying 'formula', you can (in theory) draw any man made object in any position with belivable depth etc. Metzger's Art of Perspective is a good book, but honestly this tutorial by DA's own fox-orian is a great starting point: Perspective + Composition Pt.1 by fox-orian
My final tip once you've nailed the basics is to study the work of artists whose work you like. Don't flat out copy them, but try to emulate what they've done and see if you can learn how they achieve their results. It's trial and error, but I learned a lot this way. Just be careful not to pick up others' bad habits in the process! Oh, and most importantly, never, ever feed them after midnight compare your work to the artists you admire. They've probably spent years honing their skills and it'll destroy your soul quicker than a level 79 Soul Eating Demon. :thumbsup:

I hope that's been of some use to you! I'm really not the best artist to take advice from to be honest though! There are much more knowledgeable and consistent peeps who you could learn much more from than me around DA and the web in general, but nonetheless I appreciate the watch. ;) 
knucklefist510 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015
Thanks! I also suck at hands and perspectives and side profiling are the worst for me and actions nevertheless i will listen to your AWESOME advice 😎
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