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Ian O'Neill
Artist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
My name's Ian O'Neill, but most people know me as EzJedi. I'm a digital artist from the UK who loves all things 80's, geeky and gamer. I'm also a pretty nifty cook and I like to stare up at the stars as much as possible! My girlfriend tells me I'm a man-child. I proudly and wholeheartedly agree.:D

I'm a super friendly all round nice guy (as long as my chai batteries are near full and it's not a Monday) and I'll always help a fellow DA'er if I can, so feel free to comment or ask me anything. Except what colour underwear I'm wearing. That would be weird.;)

In case you couldn't tell, I consider myself to be quite funny. Nobody else does...:shrug:

See more on my Tumblr.

Follow me on Twitter for the occasional tweet.


The Ghost Princess of Purgatory by EzJedi
The Ghost Princess of Purgatory
My Drawtober Day 15 entry.

Standing between eternal torment and a peaceful afterlife is this fiery young spirit. Who said Princesses have to be cute and nice eh?

I may actually have to revisit and colour this one. Because my girlfriend is telling me I should and once the boss has spoken...I do as I'm told! That right there is the secret to an 11+ year relationship people, hehehe :D
I take it back. This is a new 'Activity' widget. I think this just improved things.... I feel like I need to hashtag something. #JumpedTheGun Hey whaddya know, it's TwitterArt :D
Whaaaaa?! My feed just appeared on my DA profile page randomly after a reload. How about we test these things in a closed environment huh guys?! Then, I dunno, warn us before you just completely change the layout of our profiles? 
Hmm, consider me deeply confused about the changes to DA... I must be getting old. I need a teenager to explain this all to me.
Get Away From Her You B*tch! by EzJedi
Get Away From Her You B*tch!
My Drawtober day 13 submission. Being a movie lover, I find it hard to pick one as my favourite. But there's no doubt that the Alien movies are up there (let's just ignore Alien3 though shall we?). So I picked this iconic scene with Ripley defending Newt from the Alien queen.

I'm not sure I quite did poor old Sigourney justice here, she looks just a little bit like Bruce Lee!:(

Anyway, hope you dig folks!

edit: I changed a couple of wee bits that were irritating me.
So we're nearly halfway through this epic month of 'tober challenges! How are you all doing? More importantly, are you having fun? Learning something new? Pushing yourself? Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments.

It's been a mixed bag for me. I'm devoting as much time as i can spare between real life and sleep to trying to achieve my goal of more than 50% of Drawtober submissions this year. Which is gonna be tough taking into account my curve so far... But I'm determined to make it, even if I have to just submit sketches to pad it out!:D

Sadly my Inktober efforts have been...well a complete failure to launch really.:ashamed: I started out getting the first few days done, then as soon as I got busy it was the first domino to fall. Once you've missed a few the motivation to try and catch up, or hell, even just plain keep up tends to quickly fade. Who knows, maybe I'll pick it back up at the halfway milestone and go for the half marathon... What I did learn though, is that my traditional drawing and inking skills have fallen by the wayside in stark contrast to working digitally. Even working on my Samsung Note feels way behind working on the Cintiq these days, like a completely different process! Ah well, something to work on eh?

Right, keep up the hard work 'tober people! Stay strong and ye shall acquire the powers to slay thy demon, the one who calleth himself October!!! I'm off to carry on trying to finish one of my slightly late (ahem, exaggeration much) Drawtober pieces! Check out all the awesome entries so far at autodesk-sketchbook !:thumbsup:

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