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Ian O'Neill
Artist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
My name's Ian O'Neill, but most people know me as EzJedi. I'm a digital artist from the UK who loves all things 80's, geeky and gamer. I'm also a pretty nifty cook and I like to stare up at the stars as much as possible! My girlfriend tells me I'm a man-child. I proudly and wholeheartedly agree.:D

I'm a super friendly all round nice guy (as long as my chai batteries are near full and it's not a Monday) and I'll always help a fellow DA'er if I can, so feel free to comment or ask me anything. Except what colour underwear I'm wearing. That would be weird.;)

In case you couldn't tell, I consider myself to be quite funny. Nobody else does...:shrug:

Tumble or tweet? See more wip's and stuff on my Tumblr & Twitter!


Sunset Overdrive!!! (lines wip) by EzJedi
Sunset Overdrive!!! (lines wip)
Work is going so incredibly intermittently for me at the moment that I've caved in and posted more naked lines, just so I'm uploading something!

A little fanart I'm working on for my favourite game of 2014 so far (although I suspect DragonAge:Inquisition may smash that later this week!). I just love the art style and character design in this game so much I had to pay tribute to it! Especially the now iconic TnTeddy, what a weapon design!

Sunset Overdive is ©Insomniac Games.
Makes you proud that today, we as a species have accomplished the near unimaginable. Landing on a Comet over 300 million miles away, travelling at 55,000 kph through our solar system. Mind blown. #cometlanding  #rosetta 
I've been doing hand studies all afternoon. Bleh, this is the brain-training bit of art that really isn't fun! Still, I'm sure it'll pay off...
Hey folks! So this year's #Drawtober has drawn to a close. There were a huge amount of awesome entries in every style and some really interesting interpretations of the prompts. I didn't get to take part as much as I'd like, but I was pretty pleased with those I did enter, despite falling way short of the 50% goal I'd set myself. I made a focused effort to try to produce more scenes, rather than just a character on a blank page or whatever, as that's been something of a weakness of mine. It's definitely paid off, with my confidence in my ability to craft a believable environment increased considerably. I'm now rapidly running short of excuses to myself as to why I can't produce something sequential, like a short story form graphic novel or webcomic. I'm definitely going to be considering those options in 2015, so maybe I'll talk more about some kind of project soon.

I'm pleased as a lazy cat in a hammock that my work has been chosen to appear in the Naked Warriors of Nudist Beach (a KLK Fan Zine) curated by the fabulous Kelly Kao (chocowaffle),  alongside some awesome talents like dCTb and Sonellion. Kill La Kill fans (or just fans of awesome art in general) can pre order the zine now here from Kelly's online store.

Also I'm gonna plug my Tumblr again for those of you who have the inclination to tumble. You can see more of my works in progress, sketches and also some featured work by some of the artists who inspire me over here! You can also follow me on twitter for more art and general observations about the British weather. Trust me, it's a thing over here.:D

So the evenings are getting shorter for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. At risk of senselessly abusing the new hashtag system that DA has finally adopted, it's safe to say #winteriscoming. Between now and the New year I'm going to be working through the dark nights by getting through my 'ooh that seems a good idea to art' list that consists of ideas that have been rattling around my head for a while and some fan art I've been meaning to do but haven't had time. I should also have time for the odd commission here and there if anyone's interested. I'm not going to "OFFICIALLY OPEN UBER SLOTS PEOPLES!!!!" or anything like that, but suffice to say if you'd like your OC mutilated arted by me, just drop me a note or hit me up at EzJedi(at) (change the at for an @ obviously) for more details and I'll give you a price.:thumbsup:

Right, that's me spent for now. For those of you who celebrate Guy Fawkes night, have a safe and fun night! And wrap up warm if you're here in the UK, it's going to be pretty chilly this evening especially in the north (near the Wall! Pffft, sorry, couldn't help myself!). See, told you we're all obsessed with the weather here in Britain! Take it easy folks! ;)
I just found out my Afro Samurai x Nudist Beach crossover has been picked to be in the Naked Warriors of Nudist Beach Zine, curated by the fantastic Kelly Kao and available to pre order now!…


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